Photos from the second international day of yoga in British Columbia

Second International Day of Yoga in 2016 has completed but the memorable moments remains graved in the pictures. Featured on the morning part of event is the Consult General of India and other famous Yoga masters.

Evening events hosted by IC-SEA features awarding moments and include our designed magazine to seal the night.

Swami Dr Satya Prakash

Picture of the week: Swami Dr Satya Prakash

An amazing demostration of one of Yoga skill from Swami Dr Satya Prakash for the second International Yoga Day at Sega of School Business, SFU, Vancouver.

Coolest Storm Design running on PageKit

Coolest Storm Design is now running on the next generation content management system, Pagekit. Developed by the team behind UIkit frameworkl, Pagekit allows focusing on simplicity and user friendliness. We are taking advantage of their latest technology becaise of the ease of customization and maintence.

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