• Gap Adventures

    Gap Adventures

    En: A brochure concept originally intended for academical purpose Fr: Une conception de brochure à des fins academiques Cat: graphic design, typography, typographie, infographie
  • Art Institute of Vancouver

    Art Institute of Vancouver

    En: A 2009 winning contest invitation card for Art Institute of Vancouver. Fr: Une carte d'invitation vainqueur du contest 2009 pour l'Art Institute of Vancouver. Cat design, typography, typographie, infographie
  • Canadian Woman Magazine website

    Canadian Woman Magazine website

    EN : Canadian immigrant women website. Site: http://www.cwmag.ca FR : Site web pour les femmes immigrantes au Canada Site: http://www.cwmag.ca
  • GLD Cleaning Service

    GLD Cleaning Service

    EN: A lean website for a local cleaning business. FR: Un site leger pour une entreprise locale de nettoyage. Website/Site Web: GLD Cleaning Services
  • Vitalio


    En: A packaging concept intended for academic purpose. Fr: Un concept d'emballage pour une étude académique. Cat: packaging, emballage, graphic design, infographie, illustration
  • Wedding pictures november 2010

    Wedding pictures november 2010

    En : Sample of wedding pictures Fr : Exemple des photos d'un marriage Category: photography, photographie
  • Axe Tropical

    Axe Tropical

    En: A website concept for a now defunct local company specialised in a Brazilian Dancing. Fr: Une conception de site web pour une compagnie récemment défunte spécialisée à la danse brésilienne. Cat: web design, typography, typographie
  • Byōga illustration

    Byōga illustration

    En: Byōga, a title for drawing in japanese, is an in-house vectorial illustration. Fr: Byōga, un titre pour dessin ou painting en japonais est une illustration vectoriel interne.
  • Afro Hair Studio

    Afro Hair Studio

    En: A website for a local saloon specialised in Afro-Canadian hairstyle. Fr: Un site web pour un salon local specialisé aux coiffures Afro-Canadiennes. Cat : website, site web Website/Site Web: http://afrohairstudio.com (updated)
  • 2011 Stanley Cup Canucks finalists

    2011 Stanley Cup Canucks finalists

    En: Some moments from NHL (National Hockey League) Vancouver Canucks fans. Fr: Quelques moments des fanatiques des Canucks de Vancouver du LNH (Ligue National de Hockey). Cat : photography, photographie
  • Rendez-Vous de la Francophone 2012 Vancouver

    Rendez-Vous de la Francophone 2012 Vancouver

    EN: A requested photographies and webpage for French speaking organization in Vancouver, BC. FR: Les photos et page web en demande d'une organisation francophone à Vancouver, C.-B. Webstie/Site web : Page web de Rendez-vous de la Francophonie à Vancouver
  • Congolese Community in British Columbia

    Congolese Community in British Columbia

    En: A bilingual brand identity for a Congolese community in British Columbia, Canada Fr: Réalisation de marque d'identité bilingue pour la communauté congolaise en Columbie-Britannique, Canada Cat: branding, identity, graphic design, marque, identité, infographie

Latest News

  • Apr 1, 2013
    Portfolio page updated
    A new work related to web design has been added in Portfolio section.
  • Jan 16, 2013
    2013 Resolution

    2012 has been relatively quiet for the firm except the ending and the so-called "end of world" supposedly predicted by the Mayas. 2013 started with a web design project done for a local cleaning company GLD Cleaning Service in Vancouver, BC.

    Coolest Storm Design is also busy working on big project, standing for more challenges, learning for mistakes to come back stronger and determined than ever for 2013.

  • Apr 1, 2012
    French version now available
    We are happy to announce the French version of Coolest Storm Design website is now online. This launch will provide more information to the French speaking community .
  • Jan 5, 2012
    Coolest Storm Design in Vancouver Live Entertainment

    Vancouver Live Entertainment (VLE) recently launched their website this week featuring our design firm. This company promotes the abundant body of collective talent and entertainment in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Jan 3, 2012
    New layout redesign for 2012

    For the beginning of 2012, Coolest Storm Design changed its appearance while adopting HTML5 norm and still retaining the structures of the previous XHTML 1.1 standard. The goal is to take advantage of this new technology and incorporating into the design.

    We hope 2012 will bring more interesting substance into the new design trend that occurs everyday in our life. We also aim to include the French version of the website later. Stay tuned.

  • Jun 13, 2011
    Refined website
    Coolest Storm Design website received a small overhaul. Layout is mainly completed and some refinements are in progress. Remember the development of website will never be finished. Stay tuned.

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